Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello World!

Hello everyone! This is Adrianne Chieko of Xoushii's Gastronomic Adventures (Food Blog) . And this is my new blog. Personal blog as well. I will post some information that will help you and that will also put a smile on your faces. :)

Why momoandchieko (URL) ?
  • I had a cat (that passed away June 2010) named Momo (Simon). We have 8 cats.. Momo was my favorite and I really love him. So I decided to put his name together with my name on my URL. Honestly, I am always thinking of him. I really miss so much. By the way the photo on the left is Momo.
Why "Rambled Archives"?
  • All I can say is I am a very random person. I've got lots of interests. (food, music, recipes, cats, photos, videos, books, some science, news, trivia and facts) Some of these interests are informative and fun so I would like to share it to you guys.  This is also my personal blog. So you will see more information about me  and more of my random thoughts here.

I will now start blogging! Welcome and feel free comment and suggest. :) Have a great day!

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